Hindu God ShreeNathji

Govardhan Parvat

The Murti (Idol) of ShreeNathji, as it is established in Nathdwara today, appeared in the Holy Braj Bhumi Vrindavan Dham; from within the sacred hill of Govardhanji. He appeared to lead the divine souls to their true bhakti.
Shreeji lives in His Nathdwara Haveli and in Vrindavan Dham at Mathura; Jatipura; at His Mukharvind Mandir, on Govardhan hill; which is the place of His Pragatya (Appearance).
Shreeji does Shayan here for six months every year. After the Sandhya Aarti at His Nathdwara Mandir, He comes at the Mukharwind Mandir on Govardhan Hill to give Shayan Darshans. During this period, His Presence is very Live and can be felt by the receptive bhakts; so once the Shringar (ornamentation) is complete no photography is allowed. Before this photographs can be taken.
This leela varta (story) in which Krishn lifts the Govardhan hill for 7 days on His left small finger is the Form what we today know as ShreeNathji swarup. This leela describes how ShreeKrishna destroyed the ego of Indr dev and showed the world that He is the Supreme Shakti. This famous varta finds description in all Hindu holy books.(You can read it from any Krishn vaarta books)

This sacred Govardhan hill today is located at a distance of 14 miles from Mathura, in the east of Anyor village. Here the first appearance of Krishn’s lotus hand from a point on the Gowardhan hill was known only to a cow, called "Ghumar" – who was discovered to be a direct descendent of the NandRaibaba’s; (Shree Krishn’s father in the original incarnation) vansh cow herd; The legend describes how she used to perform dugdh abhishek (worship through pouring of milk) on the Shree Mukh directly.

This cow belonged to a gwal called Sadu Pande. When he discovered that his cow had begun to give less milk daily he got suspicious. So he along with Manakchand followed her to know what the reality could be. They were led to the spot where she stood and let Her milk flow freely on some particular stone on the hill. This divine leela astonished both of them. They had darshans of the alokik bhuja (Divine arm) of Shree Krishn which was now visible over the ground. This divya darshan made them very joyous. They were lucky to then hear the divya vani of Shree Krishn who told them, “I live on his hill. This is my cow from the Nand Vansh and especially dear to me. Send her milk to me daily”. So Saddu Pande’s daughter Naro and wife Bhavai who looked after the cow would carry milk to the top of Girirajji for Shree Krishn twice daily, who had now appeared as God ShreeNathji.

Shreeji was established in His new mandir in Vikram Samvat 1576; Vaishak Sud Teej; on Akha Teej.
This day is also called the Paat Utsav of ShreeNathji.
The ways of sewa were Introduced and established.
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